Monday, April 1, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: A Day for Fools

Happy April Fool's Day! I considered writing a prank post, but alas, I'm not clever enough to do such a thing properly. Here are some writers who actually have a knack for humor:

Mark Roman, author of The Ultimate Inferior Beings

Due to a computer error, a landscape architect becomes captain of a naff crew on an interstellar mission, which soon leads them to stumble upon a race of nutty aliens.

Seth Kaufman, author of The King of Pain

A satire about a reality television mastermind, trapped under a home entertainment system, who reflects on his show about torture and reads a thought-provoking book on prisons

Scott Bartlett, author of Royal Flush

In a outrageous, over-the-top realm, an incompetent king searches for love and tries to hold on to his throne.

Nury Vittachi, author of The Curious Diary of Mr. Jam

A Hong Kong-based comedian faces censorship, conservative attitudes, and a general lack of a sense of humor as he tries to make Asia laugh.

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