Friday, April 12, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Errol Come Home / Harvey Rooster

Today, I'm spotlighting a cute little children's book called Errol Come Home, an illustrated adventure featuring an adorable feline. This book is written in the charming style of a bedtime story and features many colorful drawings by Jacoba Dorothy. As a cat lover, I found the titular kitty quite endearing. The story is told from his point of view in a manner that seems tailored to being read out loud.

Back Cover Blurb: 

Errol is a sleek, black cat with soft, velvety fur and small, pointy ears. His eyes are as green as emeralds and his nose is like a little, pink button. Errol loves nothing more in the world than eating tuna.

Errol Come Home is the story of Errol's rooftop ride from being number one in the household to 'paw' relation when the 'little ones' arrive. Errol soon discovers his quiet life of sleepy cuddles and full bowls of tuna has changed forever. So he journeys next door to find the lady with the red finger nails who has turkey chunks in her gravy. Will he continue to ignore the sad calls from his loving little ones? Will he reunite with his family? Or will he stay next door, tuna-less forever?

Errol Come Home is available on Amazon.

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