Friday, April 19, 2013


Today, I'm spotlighting a post-apocalyptic comic book, "The Grove" by Matthew Nelson and Robert Rumery. Set in a bleak, terrifying future, "The Grove" tells its story in dark yet vivid colors. The snappy dialogue and action-filled images bring this tale of science gone wrong to life. I'm not exactly an art critic, but I can tell you that the images in "The Grove," which are drawn in watery lines and bold yet muted colors, are really pack a punch. They seem to move, even as still images. The danger-filled story is exciting and engaging, and I think both sci-fi fans and comics fans will enjoy it.

Below is the blurb:

Governments across the world engaged in illicit human and animal genetic manipulation that was less then scrupulous, and as a result global riots occurred. Using the riots as a smokescreen for their own agenda, terrorists partnered up with social activists unknowingly. Realizing their window of opportunity would be small, the terrorists blamed these illicit activities upon the United States, and a nuclear bomb was smuggled in and detonated upon American soil; Florida. The affects were immediate as several other bombs were detonated across the globe, laying waste to much of the global population. Those that managed to survive were mutated either into monstrosities beyond normal reckoning, or mutated into a hybrid animalistic humanoid. In the shadows of this event, several of the hybrids came together to pave their own way in this new world that was pushed beyond the brink of madness.

The current year is 2042, and the struggle continues... in The Grove.

"The Grove" is available at What The Flux?! Comics. Follow "The Grove" on Twitter or Like its Facebook page.

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