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The Curious Diary of Mr. Jam by Nury Vittachi

A Hong Kong-based comedian faces censorship, conservative attitudes, and a general lack of a sense of humor as he tries to make Asia laugh. 

Dead Size by Sawney Hatton

A mild-mannered loner finds a race of miniature people living in his walls.
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The King of Pain by Seth Kaufman

A reality television mastermind, trapped under a home entertainment system, reflects on his show about torture and reads a thought-provoking book on prisons.
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Royal Flush by Scott Bartlett

In a outrageous, over-the-top realm, an incompetent king searches for love and tries to hold on to his throne. 
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Squabbit Farm by J. Owen

Reminiscent of Orwell's "Animal Farm," this dystopian satire depicts how technology brings about the doom of an idyllic land.

Contemporary Fiction

Binds That Tie by Kate Moretti

After killing a man and burying the body, a couple must deal with the fallout of a police investigation.

Correlation by Mia Grace

After a devastating car crash puts her brother in a coma, a teenage girl's search for solace leads to an unexpected correlation of events that transports her back to the 1960s.

The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead
The residents of a picturesque American suburb harbor secret pasts and passions. 

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The Gunners of Shenyang by Yu Jihui

A Chinese university student living during the Great Leap Forward struggles with hunger and oppression while finding humor and camaraderie among his peers.

Just Visiting by Dahlia Adler
Two best friends go on a series of college visits, but soon find that their wildly diverging pasts and secrets they've kept from each other might tear them apart.

"Lily Lockwood" Series by Alison Caiola
The Seeds of a Daisy (Book 1)

After a car accident puts her mother in a coma, a TV actress reflects on her life and discovers hidden truths about her mother's past 
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The Silver Cord (Book 2)
When the man she loves is kidnapped during a humanitarian mission, actress Lily Lockwood will do whatever it takes to save him.

The Mystery of Hollow Places by Rebecca Podos
After her father vanishes, stumping detectives, a teen girl starts her own investigation to find him and, along the way, unearths the truth of her own past.

Play On (A Lewis Creek Novel) by Michelle Smith
A high school baseball star, told he must get his grades up to stay on the team, finds himself falling hard for the brainy girl who offers to tutor him and grapples with her difficult past.

Polarity in Motion by Brenda Vicars

When a nude photo of her leaks online, 15-year-old Polarity finds herself ripped from her home and thrown into a spiral of circumstances she could never have prepared for.

Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake
A girl trying to hold it together after her father's affair threatens to split her parents and a boy looking for a new start after his mother's infidelity drives his father away cross paths at their high school and find that their tangled pasts threaten their budding relationship.

The Thought I Knew You Duology by Kate MorettiThought I Knew You
A suburban woman searches for her missing husband and does her best to move on, rekindling a relationship with her childhood best friend in the process.
While You Were Gone
A Canadian violinist meets and falls in love with an American man, but soon discovers that he might not be who he claimed to be... and that he's put her in a terrible position.

Tough Girl by Libby Heily
An impoverished 11-year-old girl, a victim of bullying and hunger, escapes her harsh reality by imagining herself as the inimitable Tough Girl.

Fantasy & Paranormal

"Artifacts of Empire" Series by Gwen Perkins

The Universal Mirror (Book 1)
In a world where magic is bound by strict regulations, a young nobleman and his loyal best friend defy the laws to hone their supernatural craft.
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The Jealousy Glass (Book 2)
In the sequel to "The Universal Mirror," a commoner and a fallen nobleman travel to a powerful empire and encounter political tension as they try to broker a truce.

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The Beholder Series by Ivan Amberlake 

The Beholder (Book 1)
An ordinary New Yorker finds himself at the center of a critical battle between light and dark energies. 
Path of the Heretic (Book 2)
Jason battles dark forces of evil while searching for the woman he loves and seeking answers about her shocking betrayal.

Bitter Orange by Marshall Moore

A young man discovers that he has an extraordinary ability, but doesn't use it as a superhero would.

Blood in the Water (A Warp Weavers Novella) by Tash McAdam
A London teenager training to repair rifts between our world and monster-filled alternate dimensions finds herself put to the test much sooner than she anticipated.

The Book of the Forsaken by Yannis Karatsioris

Three outcasts with supernatural powers pursue an ancient tome across Europe, brought together and manipulated by a mysterious godlike figure
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Catching a Man (Valeriel Investigations, #1) by Elizabeth Corrigan

A young woman in a 1950s-style fantasy kingdom defies conventions by becoming a detective and investigates the murder of the queen.

The Chaos Born Trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn (triple book review)
Consisting of Children of Fire, The Scorched Earth, and Chaos Unleashed, this dark fantasy trilogy follows four individuals connected by fate to an evil god-like entity trapped behind a magical barrier--and whose return would spell doom for the entire world.

Chasing Azrael (Deathly Insanity, #1) by Hazel Butler

Haunted by the ghost of her husband, Andee becomes obsessed with death, but must face the real world when one of her best friends is targeted by a dangerous killer.

Daybreak Rising (Daybreak Rising, #1) by Kiran Oliver
In a world where Elementalists are persecuted by a totalitarian government, a team of these superpowered individuals assembles to fight for freedom.

"Earthbound Angels" Series by Elizabeth Corrigan

Oracle of Philadelphia (Book 1)
An 8,000-year-old Oracle living in modern day Philadelphia tangles with angels in demons in her efforts to save a good man who sold his soul to an archdemon.
Raising Chaos (Book 2)
A chaos demon undergoes ancient trials left in the modern world in order to stop an vengeful archdemon from obtaining a legendary weapon.

From a Broken Land (Broken Throne, #1) by William R. Herr
A young soldier ventures into a rival kingdom to seek individuals whose mystical powers could save his kingdom from a horrible blight.

"Grunge Gods and Graveyards" Stories by Kimberly G. Giarratano
Grunge Gods and Graveyards

After the boy she loves is killed in a hit-and-run, a teen girl is shocked to discover that she can communicate with his ghost... and that there's more to his death than a simple accident.
The Lady in Blue (A Grunge Gods and Graveyards Novella)
In 1955, town belle Lana Bloom was found dead in a river. 40 years later, her sister's children hope to solve the mystery of her death so she can rest in peace.

Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

Hera, the queen of the Greek Gods, takes on mortal form in order to search for the missing Fates and prevent catastrophe from befalling existence.
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Katarina the Dragonslayer and the Foebreaker's Curse by Samuel Medina

A young half-Elvish girl sets out on a journey to slay wicked dragons ravaging the land.

"Legacy of the Watchers" Series by Nancy Madore
The Hidden Ones (Book 1)
A woman, kidnapped by a secret society who believe her to be the demon Lilith, recounts the past searching for information that could prevent a terrorist attack.
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The Power of Gods (Book 2)
Demons unleashed in the first book continue on their deadly mission as legend crosses into reality.

Magic Teacher's Son by David Harten Watson
A young boy in a fantastical kingdom sets out on a quest to save his land.

Nomicon Saga by E. Glover

A collection of short stories taking place in a world of dark magic.

"Secret Affinity" Series by Melissa MacVicar

Ever Near (Book 1)
16-year-old Jade Irving, a Nantucket girl with the ability to see ghosts, adjusts to her newly blended family while trying to put to rest the spirit haunting her home.
Ever Lost (Book 2)
When Jade moves to a new school, she finds its classrooms haunted by the ghost of a murdered teacher - and the killer is still loose.
Nearer Still (A Secret Affinity Story)
This prequel short, set in the 1960s, tells the story of Jade's grandmother, who copes with the difficulties of being a colored teenager in segregated America.

Slam (A Psionics Novella) by Tash McAdam

In a dystopian future, a teen girl with psionic powers goes on her first mission for the underground resistance, traveling deep into enemy territory.

The Sound and the Echoes by Dew Pellucid

Hunted by smoky specters, a 12-year-old boy travels to a magical winter fantasyland to save the kingdom from a cruel ruler.
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Splintered Souls by Erica Lucke Dean
A centuries-old curse envelops a college freshman in a battle between two brothers with mysterious powers.

Stake-Out by Lily Luchesi
A veteran detective finds himself drawn into a dark world of paranormal dangers after witnessing a vampire attack.

Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan
In a world where only the rulers and their tutors are allowed to read, a young slave girl in the coveted position of Tutor-in-Training soon finds herself caught between loyalty to her Prince and a rebellion seeking to restore freedom.

Sword from the Sky by R. Janvier del Valle

A 12-year-old prince with a wooden leg faces challenges at his blade school and discovers his destiny while fighting shadowy warriors. 
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Tormented by J. Ann

When a someone starts killing vampires and vampire-hunter alike, hunter Angelina must team up with a vampire to uncover the truth.

Ukishima by Nigel Sellars

A samurai from another time battles dark forces and demonic creatures to save Japan from an evil warlord. 
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Way Walkers: Tangled Paths (The Tazu Saga, #1)
In a fantastical world, a young prince born to a race that can shift into dragons but unable to claim the ability himself goes on an epic journey in search of purpose.

Historical Fiction

Dawnflight by Kim Headlee

In this re-imagining of the King Arthur legends, Guinevere, known here as Chieftainess Gyanhumara, must choose between marrying a deadly rival to save her people and following her heart.

Stone & Silt by Harvey Chute

A half-native girl living in 1800s British Columbia seeks the truth after her father is accused of a murder he didn't commit.

"The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains" Duology by Rodney Jones The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains (Book 1)

A 17-year-old boy from 1875 accidentally passes through a time warp and ends up in 2009, where he meets a vivacious girl who helps him find his way back.
All the Butterflies in the World (Book 2)
A teen girl living in 2009 Vermont is shocked when a boy from 1875 turns up on her doorstep, and she soon discovers that not only is her destiny tied to his, but that his fate is in her hands.


Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski

Set during the prohibition area, this book follows the adventures of a zombie who wakes up dead and must solve his own murder.

Dastardly Bastard by Edward Lorn

Seven people visiting a chasm encounter supernatural dangers and are forced to confront their most horrifying memories.

Diary of the Gone by Ivan Amberlake

A 15-year-old boy with the uncanny ability to see the dead races to solve the mystery of his missing friends before they join the ghosts.

Dropcloth Angels by Gerald D. Johnston

A horror/thriller novel about an artistic serial killer

The Ghoul Archipelago by Stephen Kozeniewski

After flesh-eating zombies overtake civilization, three powerful leaders engage in a power struggle while a ship captain attempts to rescue what survivors he can.

Red Sand by Ronan Cray

Survivors of a shipwreck are trapped on a mysterious and dangerous island, facing both man's and nature's brutality. 
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Smudgy in Monsterland by Paul Rasche

A twelve-year-old boy, alone in a twisted and unfriendly world, finds an ally in a supernatural rabbit who promises him immortality.
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Yorick by Vlad Vaslyn

A lonely old woman descends into madness and mayhem after unearthing a skull that speaks to her.

Science Fiction

Acts of Violence by Ross Harrison

On a gritty backwater planet, a man seeking to clear his name of murder winds up tangled in the affairs of the mob running the town.

Billy and the Cloneasaurus by Stephen Kozeniewski

In a dystopian future run by The Corporation, a clone created to be the perfect, mindless employee breaks out of the mold.

Birth of a Nation by James Butler

A group of friends in modern day America travel back to the Civil War to change history.

Blitzkreig by Christopher Vale
A group of superpowered individuals created through Nazi experimentation in World War II discover a long-lost secret that could unleash great power and must get to it before the Soviets do.

Cyberfreak Debt by Stuart Wilson

A teenage boy faces dangers real and imagined when he receives performance-enhancing nanobots and joins the Directorate of Metanormal Defense. 
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"The Children of Terra" Series by Annika Brynley
The Love Beneath (Book 1)
A member of a high-tech underground city's security team tangles with an old flame and discovers a sinister plot to prevent people from going to the surface.
Fires of Stone (Book 2)
A woman from a high-tech underground society is kidnapped by surface-dwelling barbarians and soon learns that there's more to these people than she initially assumed.

Days of Love and Blood by R.S. Carter

After a virus decimates the human population,  young mother finds a community of survivors and tries to build a new life.

Dynasty Wars by James Butler

A colonel from a dystopian future is sent back in time to ancient China, where he has the chance to influence the course of history. 
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Every Kingdom Divided by Stephen Kozeniewski
In a future in which civil war has divided the USA into Red and Blue States, a man travels across enemy territory in hopes of saving his fiancee.

Fourth World (The Iamos Trilogy, #1) by Lyssa Chiavari
In the late 21st century, a boy living on a Mars colony unearths a secret that makes him the target of government agents and sends him running--right into a girl whose dying world's days are numbered.

Hollow Moon by Steph Bennion

After witnessing the kidnapping of an exiled prince, a girl from a fringe society is thrown into the nefarious world of interstellar corporate and political intrigue.
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Keeper of the Black Stones by P.T. McHugh
A teenage boy travels back in time to save his time traveling grandfather and keep a dastardly man from changing the outcome of the War of the Roses.
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The "Kira" Stories by Ross Harrison 

Kira (Part 1)
In a post-apocalyptic, dystopic future, a young woman resists the totalitarian government and struggles to survive in the Wastelands.
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Kira Part 2: Horizons 
After a devastating attack on her home, Kira struggles to survive in the wasteland while trying to protect a teen boy. 

The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry
A teen girl starts seeing a mysterious boy from another world and noticing small but strange changes in her surroundings that no one else seems to see.

Mother of the World by Peter T. Allen

In the far future, a scientist's attempts to trace humanity's origins threatens the powerful ruling religion. 
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"New Dawn" Series by James Butler

Deception (Book 1)
In a dangerous galaxy, humanity itself is at stake when luminous and mysterious alien beings are discovered.
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Revelation (Book 2)
A chaotic galaxy ruled by crime syndicates struggles to find order. 
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"NEXUS" Series by Ross Harrison

Shadow of the Wraith (Book 1)
A bounty hunter and his team of inept soldiers accept a government assignment to track down a ghost ship and soon find themselves entangled in a war between worlds.
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Temple of the Sixth (Book 2)
When an ancient race of godlike beings awakens after centuries, ex-military pilot Theak must fight for the side of good when all he really wants is to get paid.
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"Non-Compliance" Trilogy by Paige Daniels

Non-Compliance: The Sector (Book 1)
A woman who chose to live on the fringes of society rather than be implanted with invasive technology fights a ruthless gangster for what freedom she has left.
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Non-Compliance: The Transition (Book 2)
Shea Kelly fights to bring down a ruthless, power-hungry gangster who threatens to take over her home in the Non-Compliance Sector.
Non-Compliance: Equilibrium (Book 3)
In the thrilling conclusion of the Non-Compliance trilogy, Shea faces down with powers determined to force everyone into their rigid, dystopian society and finds the future of her people in her hands.

Order of the Dimensions by Irene Helenowski

A grad student travels through alternate dimensions to stop a man trying to use multiverse technology to take over the world.

Project Antichrist by Pavel Kravchenko

Framed for murder, a TV star in near-future Chicago runs from the authorities and finds himself at the epicenter of a vast conspiracy.
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Revealing the Revolution by N.M. Sotzek

In the not-so-distant future, a new sport involving AI animals becomes all the rage, but for one team, the competition reveals more than they bargained for.

Slam (A Psionics Novella) by Tash McAdam

In a dystopian future, a teen girl with telekinetic powers trains with the resistance movement and undergoes her first mission to prove her worth.

Streets of Payne by Jeff Brackett

In a future in which law enforcement has been privatized, a street-smart detective's investigation into corporate espionage leads to something much, much bigger.

The Ultimate Inferior Beings by Mark Roman

Due to a computer error, a landscape architect becomes captain of a naff crew on an interstellar mission, which soon leads them to stumble upon a race of nutty aliens. 
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Vespa by Dean Lombardo

When giant wasps invade a small American town and begin snatching people from their homes, a team of scientists and soldiers must stop them before it's too late. 
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War of Rain by H.W. Vivian
In a post-apocalyptic future, a teen girl accidentally kills one of the raiding barbarians plaguing her village, sparking a war that could end her people and their way of life.


The Boudicca Parchments by Adam Palmer

Pursued by Jewish fundamentalists, an intrepid professor races to uncover an ancient truth. 

For Love and For Vengeance by Johnny Ray

After running into a beautiful and mysterious woman, an ex-spy sets off on an adventure around the world as he uncovers nefarious secrets.
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First to Find by Morgan C. Talbot

After she stumbles upon the body of a friend, a puzzle-making geocacher must find the killer before he or she strikes again.

Hashimoto Blues by Sarah Dupeyron

A young woman who makes a living as a drug smuggler is forced to flee with her lover when they become the targets of a sadistic crime lord.  
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Jack Dantzler Mysteries by Tom Wallace

A detective searches for the real killer in a decades-old double murder after the reverend who was falsely convicted gives him a cryptic clue.
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The List
A detective searches for the real killer in a decades-old double murder after the reverend who was falsely convicted gives him a cryptic clue. 
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Lay Death at Her Door by Elizabeth Buhman

A false testimony given twenty years ago comes back to haunt Kate when the man she put behind bars is exonerated, dredging up secrets about her that she thought she'd buried.

Stormbringer by Daniel DeLacy

A British con man goes undercover as a Nazi officer in the early days of World War II and gets involved in the highest levels of the Nazi hierarchy.

Trial #1322 by Ryan Butcher

Three flatmates who participate in a medical trial testing behavioral drugs turn on each other as paranoia and tensions rise and reality becomes skewed.
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Upload by Collin Tobin

A teenager and his hacker friend stumble upon a mysterious video, which leads them to a shadowy operation that threatens society as they know it.

The Walker on the Cape by Mike Martin

A detective, new in town at a small fishing community, investigates the murder of an old man.
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Weekend in Weighton by Terry Murphy

A fast-talking private investigator faces off with both the police and the criminal underworld as he investigates the murder of his first client.
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