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10 Questions for author Tim Epps. Visit his website or Visit his blog.

Hi Tim! Welcome to Zigzag Timeline. Can you tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?

"Alpha" It All Begins Here is the beginning of a journey that Alpha must take to save the world from pure evil.  A young man named Tyrin Banan is chosen to be given a power call the Alpha power orb (which is a finger tip of God's awesome power.) from the Light (which is The Angel of the Lord). Styrin, head of the seven leaders of the Alpha Empire on planet O-mega was given the task to give the power to Tyrin. But Corsair which is one of the leaders of Alpha Empire did not agree. For he believed that he should be givin the Alpha power instead of Tyrin. Therefore, this caused division in the Empire between them. Stryin took the Alpha power orb and crystallized it except for 10% of the Alpha power orb (which now the orb is only the beginning of the Alpha power) Stryin took the crystals to many different planets in the universe so that later Tyrin will collect them and become more powerful as Alpha. Later Planet O-mega was attacked by a ruthless tyrant named Conador. This attack by Conador caused the Planet to be destroyed. the only ones to escape were Stryin, Corsair, and Mc Kane (Corsair's brother).  Stryin arrived on earth and before he was about to die he fused his Spirit with the Alpha power so that he could reach Tyrin. After the Power was given to Tryin  (now named Alpha because the power is in him) his journey begins to collect crystals by using Faith in God to believe that he has the power to defeat evil but he must do it in a hurry because Conador is on his way to earth, Corsair and Mc Kane are causing chaos on every planet were the crystals lay. Alpha doesn't have much time in this fast paste action spirtual novel. Alpha's Journey all begins here! 

I was inspired by heroes when I was younger. And as I became older I began to read more of the bible and its heroes. Therefore, I began to think what if I created a hero that has to rely on Jesus Power to defeat evil  just as a Christians have to. A young man with a normal life and normal problems that needs guidance in life to become what God has in store for him. So I combined  heros what inspired me when I was younger and the bible when I became older into a series named the Alpha series.

 How did you get into writing? 

I got into writing by having so many ideas of stories in my head until I just began to write them out one at a time and enjoyed doing it. I have written  songs as well.

 In your opinion, what's the most challenging aspect of writing?

 The most challenging thing about writing is when I stop and take care of family and everything else in life then having to come back to my story to continue were I left off is hard because in a story you have to think of past, present, and future to make the story flow correctly. 

What's your favorite part of writing? 

My favorite part of writing is bringing a story to life and letting people read and enjoy it. 

Who's your favorite character in your novel? Why? How would describe him or her? 

My favorite character in the story is the Rock because he is an great fighter, and a man of God. I would describe him as a wise man. A man of patients and integrity. Every obedient to the Lord's will and has a kind heart to help those who are in need.  

What's your favorite scene in your novel? Could you please describe it? 

I don't have a favorite scene but I do have a favorite chapter and it is chapter 6 Kytropolis. I would describe chapter six as the Ultimate test for Alpha's skills in fighting, faith and growth spiritually and mentally. 
 Do you have a writing process? 

Yes I set a goal to get to a point in my book and then stop and I repeat that until I have finished the book.  

With the surge in indie novels on Amazon, it can be hard to stand out. What sets your novel apart from the others in your genre? 

My novel sets apart because it is very unique. A hero that has to believe in the power of God to defeat the enemy.  This story can relate to us as Christians young and old to understand in a unique way that we can defeat all that is evil with the power for Jesus Christ.   

Do you prefer e-books or paper books? What's your opinion on the future of bookstores? 

I prefer e-books because it is cheaper to make and quicker to receive a e-book.  As far as for book stores I am not sure of there future. I guess it depends on how far e-books will go.  

If you could meet any one fictional character, who would it be, and what would you do with them? 

Rock would be the one and I would train with him, meditate with him, and learn all what he as to give.

"Alpha" It All Begins Here is available on Amazon. 


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