Friday, April 26, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Starships Were Meant to Fly...

With the new "Star Trek" movie just around the corner and new "Star Wars" movies on the way, I can't help hoping that maybe, just maybe, starships are becoming mainstream again. I'm a sucker for space operas (hell, I wrote one!), and in my opinion, there simply aren't enough space movies these days. There are, however, plenty of space books, thank goodness. Here are some worth checking out:

The Ultimate Inferior Beings by Mark Roman
Another quirky British space adventure full of daft characters. Click here to read the Zigzag Timeline review.

The NEXUS series by Ross Harrison
A science fantasy full of space battles and ancient powers! Click here to read the Zigzag Timeline review of Shadow of the Wraith and here to read the review of Temple of the Sixth.

The New Dawn series by James Butler
Don't be fooled by the cover. The New Dawn series presents an expansive and detailed foray into an unfriendly galaxy. Butler's many story lines weave together to pain a vivid image of his speculative universe, one full of action and intrigue. Click here to read the Zigzag Timeline review of Deception and here to read the review of Revelation.

Oh, and this might be a little self-promo-ish of me, but I can't not mention my own little space adventure, which is a little different from most books in its genre in that it's not about saving the galaxy...

Artificial Absolutes by Mary Fan
Click here to check it out on Goodreads and see what people are saying. 

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