Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'm in a new anthology!!

Hey everyone! Exciting news! Crazy 8 Press is releasing a new anthology this summer, AND I'M IN IT!!

LOVE, MURDER & MAYHEM, edited by sci-fi author extraordinaire Russ Colchamiro, features 15 authors... some of whom have written Star Trek novels! How cool is that? The anthology consists of original sci-fi stories about, well, love, murder, and mayhem. Everyone interpreted the theme their own way... and I chose to write about platonic love. My story, "The Note on the Blue Screen," features the return of teen engineer Chevonne Watson and her AI best friend, discarded-science-bot-turned-private-detective Sherlock. Chevonne comes home one day to find a mysterious note from Sherlock... one that leads her to catch a dangerous criminal.

The anthology releases at Shore Leave this July, and here's the cover! Isn't it cool?

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