Wednesday, March 25, 2015

REVIEW: The Silver Cord (Lily Lockwood, #2) / Alison Caiola

TITLE: The Silver Cord (Lily Lockwood, #2)
AUTHOR: Alison Caiola
PUBLISHER: Wonderland Press

Contemporary Fiction

Life as a famous actress isn't as easy as it looks. Lily Lockwood has found success on film and on stage, but her personal life is in tatters. Not only is she still in mourning for her mother, but she's also a new mother who left the baby's father after he cheated. Now, he wants to return to her life, but her heart is with a handsome doctor named Robbie – who also happens to be the adoptive brother of her mother's firstborn, given up at birth. As if this tangle of personal drama isn't enough, Robbie's mission to Somalia with Doctors Without Borders takes a disastrous turn, leaving Lily to wonder if she'll ever get a chance with the man who could be the love of her life.

The title of The Silver Cord refers to a story-within-a-story that Robbie tells Lily in a flashback, about two lovers separated in the Holocaust. As one said to the other, no matter what, there would always be a silver cord tying her heart to his. This is an apt title for the second Lily Lockwood story, since even though Robbie and Lily share very little page-time, the bond between them is palpable through Lily's longing and ruminations. 

Like the first book, The Seeds of a DaisyThe Silver Cordoffers a glimpse behind the scenes of a seemingly glamorous life. Despite the limelight, Lily remains down-to-earth in her day-to-day dealings, treating her glitzy career the way any hard worker would treat a job. The attention and wealth are all superficial trappings to her, and what really matters are her personal relationships. Though being famous has its perks, it can't help her when she reaches her most desperate hour. Caiola portrays Lily with remarkable vulnerability and humanity, depicting the person behind the perfect face the tabloids take for granted.

To say that The Silver Cord is an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement. The story is full of drama as it follows Lily's attempts to get her life in order and then, later, to find a way to rescue Robbie from the clutches of ruthless terrorists. While The Seeds of a Daisy was pretty straightforward contemporary fiction, The Silver Cord has a dash of thriller thrown in. Lily finds herself dealing with a situation her life as an actress could never have prepared her for, and we're privy to her deepest fears and anxieties.

Caiola has a wonderful way of bringing emotion to life on the page. In addition to seeing what happens next to Lily, we also learn more about other characters introduced in The Seeds of a Daisy, in particular Robbie and David, Lily's half-brother who was given up for adoption before Lily was born. All in all, The Silver Cord is an enjoyable follow-up to The Seeds of a Daisy and an entertaining read.

Alison Caiola's many years in Hollywood, first as a PR Executive and then as a writer, makes her qualified to write about the entertainment industry and the behind-the-scenes craziness that ofte it often spawns.

Like Daisy, the mother in The Seeds of a Daisy, her son JD Daniels is a successful and award-winning actor. Alison recently wrote, directed, and produced the television series The Tyme Chronicles. She currently resides on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island with her Malti-Poo daughter-dog Emma, surrounded by vineyards, farms, and wonderful friends.


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