Friday, May 1, 2015

BNG FRIDAY: Lyra by Lisa Toohey

Every Friday until its publication, I'm going to blog something about Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets, a YA sci-fi anthology featuring tech-savvy heroines. The goal is to encourage more girls to enter Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math professions. All revenues from sales of the anthology will be donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers.

Today, I'm spotlighting one of the stories that will be featured in the anthology.




Lisa Toohey


In this sci-fi twist on Cinderella, a teen girl named Elizabeth finds herself living in the attic and fixing machines for her mean-spirited aunt and bullying cousin. The closest thing she has to a friend is the house's AI system, but even that is taken away when her aunt decides to upgrade it to a new model. Much to Elizabeth's surprise, the new system, Lyra, takes a special interest in her, acting as her AI godmother. But not all godmothers are the things of fairytales...

This was a cool twist on a familiar fairytale-gone-wrong - one in which the Cinderella figure doesn't have all her dreams granted to her by a benevolent power. And where, in fact, that power can be dangerous. I enjoyed the idea of an AI "fairy godmother", and Elizabeth was a well conceived and sympathetic protagonist.

Lisa Toohey resides in the true north strong and free with her two cats, dog, and husband. She swears she loves the cold. The inspiration for her stories come from her wild dreams and overactive imagination. Lisa grew up with lots of big brothers and never saw any reason why she couldn't do the same things they did. With drive anyone can achieve their dreams.


Lisa believes that woman in tech-savvy roles provide new perspective in their fields, which is a valuable resource in today's ever growing world.

BRAVE NEW GIRLS will be released in Summer 2015! Sign up here to receive a notification when it's available to order.

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