Friday, January 16, 2015

BNG FRIDAY: Of Cat's Whiskers and Klutzes by Martin Berman-Gorvine

Every Friday until its publication, I'm going to blog something about Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets, a YA sci-fi anthology featuring tech-savvy heroines. The goal is to encourage more girls to enter Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math professions. All revenues from sales of the anthology will be donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers.

Today, I'm spotlighting one of the stories that will be featured in the anthology.


Of Cat's Whiskers and Klutzes


Martin Berman-Gorvine


Life on Mars isn't easy, especially when you're wheelchair-bound, like former Texas resident Katie Webb. In the years that have passed since she was sucked into this surreal alternate reality of pulp sci-fi come to life, Katie has mostly accepted her new life. But what she can't accept is that Martian military is planning a vicious takeover. One piece of tech from the life she once lived on Earth could make all the difference - if only she could recreate it. But she ain't had no darn luck yet, and time is running out.


I loved the unique and rather surreal setting of this book - a world of pulp sci-fi brought to life by the imagination. Katie is a spunky young protagonist who uses her technical know-how to save the day - a perfect fit for our theme.


Martin Berman-Gorvine is the author of five published science fiction/fantasy novels: the Sidewise Award-winning novel The Severed Wing (Livingston Press, 2002); 36 (Livingston Press, 2012); Seven Against Mars (Wildside Press, 2013); Save the Dragons! (Wildside Press, 2013), which was a finalist for the Prometheus Award; and Ziona: A Novel of Alternate History (Amazon/CreateSpace, 2014). Wildside Press is publishing his science fiction novel Heroes of Earth in the spring of 2015.

"I have always been a proud feminist and cannot fathom why any society would insist on hobbling half of its people. I am also drawn to powerful, active female characters in my own writing, which certainly implies that they have high scientific and technical skills in the best traditions of speculative fiction."

Twitter: @MeshuggeWriter

BRAVE NEW GIRLS will be released in Summer 2015! Sign up here to receive a notification when it's available to order.

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