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10 questions for fantasy author Steven Vincent.

How would you characterize your writing style?  

Very different from what's out there! Most writers grow up with books, but I grew up with video games and movies, which are usually actiony, and lighthearted. I guess you could say my first priority is that from cover to cover, you're having fun or being thrilled. If the mood gets too dark, it's time to rewrite.

What inspired you to become a writer?

I've always wanted to entertain people, and tried everything from comics to movies. The latter was a bit too expensive of an investment, but my sister told me I should try my hand at writing a book. I gave it a shot, and here we are!

How long did it take for you to write your first novel?

For Dawn of the Knight, about a month? But then I reflected on a bit and I wasn't happy with how it turned out. So I set it aside for a year, and when I finally came back to it I had all new ideas. It took me another year to complete it (for real this time!) and I think it turned out great. 

Is there a particular genre you prefer to write in, or do you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades?

Fantasy and science fiction are my strong suits. You just can't get dragons, monsters, lasers, and spaceships from the other genres!

What's your favorite aspect of writing?

Well, I love the ability to break all laws of reality and bring my imagination to life. It's fun to do, and it entertains people at the same time. How cool is that?" 

What do you find the most challenging?

Probably the promotion of the book. I mean, writing is fun, editing is sort of a pain but it lets you enjoy the story all over again. Getting the word out can be an overwhelming task, but I'm getting pretty good at it.

Are there any themes you like to explore in your writing?

I like to explore deep concepts and help the reader see them in a different light. For example, the main theme of Dawn of the Knight is change. We see it all around us, for better or for worse, but we often fail to notice just how much a single person affects things. In the story, the Xeltian Invitation causes rulers to lose sight of their ideals, corrupting them from the inside out until even their realms are tainted. So, the story really becomes a struggle to keep sight of who we are.

Are there any books or authors that have influenced you as a writer?

Not so much in the realm of books, but like I mentioned earlier I grew up with video games and movies. Legend of Zelda (especially the first game) was a huge inspiration, as were Star Wars (even for Dawn of the Knight) and Lord of the Rings. I've only recently started watching the Iron Man and Avengers movies, and I find those very inspiring for my science fiction writing!

Do you have any writing habits? Favorite places to write? Snacks you must have nearby?

I write at the same time, same place, every day! Usually no snacks, but I do make sure to have a cup of coffee nearby. Now if you want to know a real challenging habit, I have this tendency to start too many projects at a time. I currently have three books in progress and one for sale! I never have to worry about writer's block, that's for sure.

What was the publishing process like for you?

A very long learning experience I'm glad I was able to have. I went in with no knowledge of how to edit my own book, how to convert it, how to sell it. I found out a lot about myself, but I think I did pretty good.

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