Friday, October 12, 2018

COVER REVEAL: Love & Bubbles / Jaylee James & Jennifer Lee Rossman

Heya! Today, I'm participating in the cover reveal for Love & Bubbles: A Collection of Queer Underwater Love Stories edited by Jaylee James & Jennifer Lee Rossman! And holy wow, I love that image so much! I'm a sucker for underwater photography :-)

Dive into romance with these thirteen stories of queer love under the sea!

Love & Bubbles is a short fiction anthology of love stories united by an underwater theme and featuring characters from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Go on a deep-sea voyage to study a brand-new species alongside a cute, distracted scientist. Discover your magic with a water witch and the help of a cute mermaid. Explore the waters of an alien ocean. Get summoned to the surface with a grumpy old merman and his non-binary water demon neighbor. Swim with a catfish goddess, rescue a dolphin... and so much more!

Featuring stories by: 

Evvan Burke
Minerva Cerridwen
Lizzie Colt
Lia Cooper
Maggie Derrick
M. Hollis
V. S. Holmes
Jaylee James
Jennifer Lee Rossman
Riley Sidell
Mharie West
Victoria Zelvin 

About the Editors:

Jaylee James is a nonbinary writer, editor, and story curator native to Kansas City who is best known as the editor of Circuits & Slippers, an anthology of science-fiction fairytales, and Vitality Magazine, which published LGBTQ+ genre fiction between 2014-2016. E also writes a smattering of short fiction and video games. Learn more at
Jennifer Lee Rossman is a science fiction geek from Oneonta, New York, who has never ever threatened to run over anyone with her wheelchair. Nope, definitely not. Her debut novel, Jack Jetstark's Intergalactic Freakshow, will be published in December 2018. She blogs at and tweets @JenLRossman.

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