Friday, April 13, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: The Experimental Bug: Brilliance / Jelani Akin Parham

TITLE: The Experimental Bug: Brilliance (The Experimental Bug, #1)
AUTHOR: Jelani Akin Parham
PUBLISHER: Akinink Publishing


Young Adult - Sci-Fi/Superhero


Years back, a brilliant scientist working for the powerful and mysterious Aegis Security disappeared. Now, his genius teen daughter, Pilar, is determined to find the truth. Having inherited her father's lab, she's perfected the Bug Suit he was working on. At night, she roams the city as a costumed vigilante. But she's not the only extraordinary being out there...

Pilar soon finds herself entangled in a plot full of intrigue, secrets, and a powerful evil with seemingly supernatural abilities. Superheros, monsters, conspiracies... and a big brother who takes his role as legal guardian frustratingly seriously. Pilar soon finds herself in over her head, but she's not about to back down. Together with her new friend, Zoe, she dives headfirst into the action.

This was a wickedly fun action/adventure superhero story starring kickass girls and a twisty-turn plot. Pilar is a tough, clever heroine with a smart mouth and prickly exterior. Yet though she'd never admit it, she's a total softy at heart. And so is this book... behind the high-octane superhero battles, this is the story of a girl and her family - her father's legacy, her relationship with her brother, her newly formed friendships. It's a fast-paced romp with lots of heart and character. I tore through it and enjoyed every moment!


Originally from the midwest, Jelani-Akin Parham moved to Phoenix, AZ to pursue an education and career in the creative realm. From the early days of his life in Detroit, MI til now, he’s been fascinated with monsters, super heroes, mythical swords and exploring foreign worlds. When he’s not writing crazy adventures, he can be found playing competitive fighting games, working as an illustrator, video editor, and on occasion composing music.

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