Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm still here!

Hey y'all! I know I've been absurdly slow with the blogging lately. It's mostly because I've been busy adjusting to a new life after getting a new job and whatnot. Partly because all the books I've read lately are nonfiction or classics, hence the lack of reviews. And partly because my bloggy muse has gone quiet. Alas.

BUT... I do have an idea for what I can do with this blog going forward...

These days, there are plenty of places an author can go for practical advice on how to query, how to structure a story, etc. But what about emotional support? Some of this is covered in forums, but it can be a little scary to post saying "help, I'm in this situation... what should I do?" or even just "help, I'm feeling like crap about my writing... tell me it'll be okay."

I guess I mention this because I'm kind of in that spot right now. Lucky for me, I have some great writer friends I know I can lean on. But not everyone has that... maybe they're just starting out, or they're just shy.

So here's what I propose: an advice column of sorts for writerly problems. A Dear Prudence type thing--totally anonymous, with questions and answers appearing in this blog. And what gives me the authority to be Prudence? Well... not much in terms of practical qualifications and whatnot. But I want to be there for any writer who just needs someone to give them a bit of emotional support, and so I volunteer my inbox: astralcolt at gmail dot com.

Hey, everyone needs someone to say, "Just breathe, everything will be okay" once in a while. And I promise, I'll keep everything strictly anonymous. 

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