Saturday, February 27, 2016

Got Cookies?

Got cookies?
by Erica Lucke Deane

I know I’m supposed to talk about my new book, Suddenly Spellbound, but I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m under a totally different spell at the moment. The same spell that holds me captive every year. The cookie curse.

March is less than a week away, and for the third year in a row, I haven’t seen a single Girl Scout selling cookies. Oh, I know they’re out there. My friends have been kind enough to post selfies as they happily gorge themselves on Thin Mints and Samoas. And you’d have to be living in a cave to miss the memes showing the smiling crack peddlers selling their wares in front of medical marijuana shops. And yet in my neck of the woods, the Girl Scouts have gone underground like…like a groundhog hiding from a news crew.

I know my internal clock hasn’t reset itself. I’ve even seen the first signs of spring. The snow has melted. The daffodils are blooming. But the cookies are nowhere in sight. And me? I can’t ditch the unshakeable desperation for a line of Thin Mints, fresh from the freezer. And yes, I’m dying to do line after line until my breath has Cooper Maxwell’s permanent hint of mint.

I can almost hear the familiar crackle of the clear wrapping as I tear it open with my teeth, and the snap of the first cookie as I bite into the cool, minty goodness. Just the thought sends tingles to the tip of my fingers. Oh, how I long to rip open a brand new box. Be still my palpitating heart.

The cravings were so bad this afternoon, I jumped into my car and went trolling the streets for cookies. I checked the local shops, hoping to find a random Girl Scout I could stalk, I mean follow home, I mean…ask. Right. All I was going to do was ask if they can hook me up with my cookie fix. Or at least direct me to an addiction counselor. I knew I had a thing for chocolate, but since when does a picture of a cookie send a person into withdrawals? The addiction is real people…real, I tell you!

Okay, I seriously need to get a handle on this. I’ve done an internet search to see if they’re selling cookies in my area, and I’ve come up blank. I know I can order them from Amazon, but at ten dollars or more a box, I’d have to skip something else this month. Like groceries. Or my car payment.

Oops, my husband just hid my debit card until they take down the order option. He knows. And so do I. Really, you don’t have to say a thing. I can feel an intervention coming, and I haven’t even touched my first cookie.

It’s going to be a long spring.

Suddenly Spellbound
By Erica Lucke Dean
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Something witchy this way comes. 

Kindergarten-teacher-slash-sorceress Ivie McKie has officially sworn off magic. With her father back from the dead—just in time for her upcoming wedding to sexy former magician Jackson Blake—Ivie has plotted a course straight to happily-ever-after-ville. And she won’t let anything get in her way this time. 

But Daddy Dearest has something sneaky up his sleeve. When “just one more spell” goes horribly wrong and detours her into the path of her father’s dangerously hot new apprentice, Ivie has to scramble to get the magic… and her love life… back on track.  

Along the way, she encounters a promise made before she was born, a clan of Scottish sorcerers in kilts, and yet another goat.  

Suddenly Spellbound is a new madcap adventure featuring Ivie McKie from Suddenly Sorceress.   

Author Bio
After walking away from her career as a business banker to pursue writing full-time, Erica moved from the hustle and bustle of the big city to a small tourist town in the North Georgia Mountains where she lives in a 90-year-old haunted farmhouse with her workaholic husband, her 180lb lap dog, and at least one ghost. 
When she's not busy writing or tending to her collection of crazy chickens, diabolical ducks, and a quintet of piglets, hell bent on having her for dinner, she's either reading bad fan fiction or singing karaoke in the local pub. Much like the main character in her first book, To Katie With Love, Erica is a magnet for disaster, and has been known to trip on air while walking across flat surfaces. 
How she's managed to survive this long is one of life's great mysteries. 

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