Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: His Wonderful Curse / Zuhair Mehrali

Today's spotlight is on His Wonderful Curse, a magical realism novel by debut author Zuhair Mehrali.

Book Description
Wilfred Frye has forever lived under the empowering influence of his dreams; every day is dictated by the abstract dream he experiences the night before. An incident occurs one day, causing Wilfred to set his fractured mind on searching for a 'remedy' to his curse, thereby embarking on a surreal journey through buried secrets, clashing philosophies, and multiple personalities.

Fiction, Psychological, Magical-realism

About Zuhair Mehrali
I am a student who works across multiple creative disciplines, invested in aspirations to tell stories through them all, from the true-and-traditional creative literature routes, to illustrations and games. ‘His Wonderful Curse’ was self-published after eight months of writing (through my final year of college), just prior to my starting university.

Influences and other
There are themes of mental health disorders and philosophy throughout the story, both of which are very dear topics to me. Josè Saramago has had a major influence on my writing and prose, so it is a fairly distinctive read and thus should not be expected to be to everyone’s liking.


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