Saturday, September 10, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: A Halo of Mushrooms / Andrew Hiller

TITLE: A Halo of Mushrooms
AUTHOR: Andrew Hiller
PUBLISHER: Self-published


I met Andrew Hiller at 2016’s Farpoint convention, and he struck me as the kind of guy who’d have a fresh and uncommon writing style. And when I delved into his novel, A HALO OF MUSHROOMS, my suspicions were confirmed in a delightful and entertaining way. A HALO OF MUSHROOMS is not your typical spec fic, and in fact, can be a bit hard to describe. Part sci-fi adventure, part fantasy fairytale, and part something that defies genre, the novel offers unique and often cinematic storytelling. The plot follows the escapades of one Derik, a healer from another world who steals a mushroom. But not just any mushroom – one from the place of origins, whose existence has great consequences. Branded an outlaw and hunted by monsters, he seeks a safe place for his cargo. He winds up running into and befriending a colorful cast of supporting characters during his twisty-turny journey. Vivid descriptions pepper a text that comes to life with creativity and panache. If you’re looking for a fun and different sci-fi/fantasy read, look no further.

Andrew Hiller attempted to travel the road least taken only to fall off. Caught in wild currents, he surfaced to find his commentaries selected four times as best of the year on Washington’s NPR station WAMU 88.5 FM, a pair of his plays fill the New York City stage, and an opportunity to act and write with the original Muppets gang in his Cobblestone Documentary series. His first fantasy novel, A Climbing Stock, grew to reach the top 50 on Amazon’s humor best sellers. In between projects, he has taught art in a psychiatric ward, hosted an internationally broadcast science, health, and tech radio program, and reads everything that makes him go “Huh?” or “Ha!” His second novel, A Halo of Mushrooms was released in December 2015.

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