Monday, November 16, 2015

7 actual reasons to write YA

Last week, I stumbled upon a listicle that got my blood boiling. This author wrote about seven reasons to write YA, and they were all so... mercenary. Basically, she framed writing YA as a way to get rich quick. Which is not only insulting, but also wrong, wrong, wrong. If you're counting on books, YA or otherwise, to make you rich, then you're barking up the wrong tree. Everyone knows that the vast, vast majority of writers couldn't afford to buy coffee on what they make from selling books.

So here are seven actual reasons to write YA, some illustrated through Canva because... because pretty.

To speak to teens in a voice they can relate to and see themselves reflected in.

To explore characters who grapple with the transformations that come with growing up

Because the impulsiveness and bravado of teens -- both internally and externally -- is wicked fun to write

Because YA isn't afraid to push boundaries, whether through out-of-this-world spec fic or edgy real-world topics

And a bonus...


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