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BOOK REVIEW: Path of the Heretic (The Beholder, #2) / Ivan Amberlake

TITLE: Path of the Heretic (The Beholder, #2)
AUTHOR: Ivan Amberlake
PUBLISHER: Self-Published

Fantasy--Urban Fantasy

Path of the Heretic is the sequel to Ivan Amberlake's urban fantasy, The Beholder, and those who enjoyed the first book will be eager to get their hands on its thrilling follow-up. Fast-paced and crackling with supernatural forces, the book wastes no time in dropping the reader into the thick of the battle against Pariah and his dark followers.

The main character, Jason, has evolved significantly since the series began. No longer the ordinary office worker he started off as in The Beholder, he has now fully embraced his destiny as the warrior and leader who will destroy the forces of evil. Overall, he's a stronger and surer character than before, and yet the vulnerability that makes him human remains. Having been betrayed by the woman he loves, Emily Ethan, Jason is left with many questions. Worse, Emily has vanished, and he's determined to find her and get some answers.

The action and intrigue hit the story with full force when the Darksighted return to New York City, seeking to destroy anyone with knowledge of Emily's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jason is drawn further and further into the supernatural world of Energy and Sight. When Emily starts appearing in his dreams, dropping mysterious clues, Jason has to decide whether to trust her--or whether she'll betray him again.

Along with his closest friends and allies, Jason seeks to not only find Emily, but protect the world from Pariah and the Darksighted. With many twists and turns along the way, the journey winds its way through Amberlake's complex and richly imagined world. Readers who enjoy the darker side of fantasy will find themselves at home in the Beholder universe, with its demonic villains and paranormal forces. A story of courage, sacrifice, and the battle between good and evil, Path of the Heretic is a thoroughly satisfying follow-up to The Beholder.

An urban fantasy writer, an avid beta-reader, proofreader and editor who enjoys reading fantasy, crime and thriller books.

I love active protagonists who get into a lot of trouble on their way to the truth, and never give up whatever happens to them.

I love watching action movies like The Matrix, Harry Potters and have a soft spot for sitcoms like Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

"The Beholder" is my debut paranormal fantasy novel. This is what Joe Kovacs, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of "Ginger the Gangster Cat", said about it: 'THE BEHOLDER is a tight and fast-paced thriller combining the crawling claustrophobia of Stephen King's "It" and the exciting arcane symbol-hunting of "Celestine Prophecy"'

A HarperCollins editor said in their review of The Beholder: "[Amberlake] shows a real passion for language in his descriptions."

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