Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 things that calm me when my WIP makes me tear my hair out

Writing is hard work. Between untangling plot lines, building entire worlds, making sure you stay within the rules of that world, developing characters, smoothing out dialogue, fixing grammar, choosing where not to fix grammar, and all the other wonderful tasks that come with turning words into stories, it can get a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, you just need to stop worrying and chill out.

Here are the five things that work for me:

5. Trashy entertainment

When I'm writing, I don't want any Oscar-worthy documentaries or prize-winning pieces of literature or anything else of quality. My brain is too spent to process any of that. Give me Katy Perry songs, or books intended for children, or America's Next Top Model. Attractive people fighting over stupid things? Yes, please. Brain... off.

4. Things that smell nice

There's a reason so many stress relief products involve scents. Smell is the most evocative of the senses, so a whiff of something fresh can transport you to a faraway meadow where there are no troubles...

3. Comfort food

Yum. One bite of something sugary or fatty or salty - or all three - send the mind into happy-land.

2. Cats

Both in real life and on the Internet. Something about those little bundles of fuzz is just so comforting.

1. Booze

Ever wonder why so many writers are alcoholics? Booze does wonders for quieting that incessant little red pen in your head.*

*Please don't become an alcoholic.


  1. I love all five of those.. Nothing like a little ANTM backstabbing wackiness to turn your brain off, it also goes well with ice cream.. something satisfying about eating ben and jerrys while they are all weight obsessed. :)

    1. YES haha! And lounging around in your ratty PJs while they're being squeezed into rubber suits and being told to ice skate across the catwalk with no guard rails or something...

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