Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Report from Farpoint!

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Our table at Farpoint
First off, sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog! Between the day job, prepping Butterfly Dome for submission to ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award), and editing Firedragon, I’ve been totally swamped. I’ll try to be better in the future, but no guarantees. Anyway, here’s the report from Farpoint (sci-fi convention in Maryland):
  • As usual, there were tons of awesome vendors, and I had to restrain myself from buying everything in sight. We were between a t-shirt vendor and an artist who drew custom pics (who was also peddling jewelry), and across from a few toy vendors.
  • The toy vendor and I got to chatting, and he agreed to let me barter a copy of Artificial Absolutes for a Hermione figurine. Worth it!
  • One attendee paid for Artificial Absolutes and Synthetic Illusions with a “bag of gold” (dollar coins) and left a gift for Jane: a lovely stone sphere. Apparently, fictional characters have rights, so I’m just holding onto it until Jane crosses realities and demands that I hand it over
  • Apparently the words to a filk song (I forget the title) fit the melody to Story perfectly. Sung to different words, it sounds like a military march!
  • I basically lost my voice due to a horrendous cold and sounded like a frog or something for ages. Apologies to everyone who had to hear me attempt to talk.
  • I fangirled Keith RA DiCandido in the most embarrassing of ways (while my voice was out). Just kinda walked up to his author table and was like “OMG you wrote the Andromeda book!” Then found myself wide-eyed when I saw that his publisher for his original novels was a table down from ours! 
  • Synthetic Illusions got a sale because the buyer thought the guy pictured on the cover (Adam) was hot.
  • I met the author of Dawnflight, which has been sitting in my poor review queue for almost a year (I swear, it’s the commute’s fault I don’t have time to read anymore!). She was nice enough to give me an audio review copy. Sweet!

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